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  1. You guys are amazing artists! KE RIT - You are a GOD!
  2. This is soo true. One of the best parts of the game. Shame we couldnt pay through this part as Ellie though!
  3. Yes, supporting all lives matter consequentially means you also support black lives. There is a clear distinction, however, that no specific skin color deserves more attention than the other, where as "black lives matter, and you're a racist if you say all lives matter" often promotes more tribalism, as explained earlier.
  4. This is a very often seen misrepresentation of "All lives matter". A much better analogy would be (top left image), if a birthday happened to another kid a week before this one, and no one would celebrate it, no one would say happy birthday and it would go more or less completely ignored. Then, after the other kid has his birthday and everyone is celebrating, the older guy would come along and say "Why are we only celebrating his birthday? Why did we all ignore the kid who's birthday it was last week?" Now, apply the same logic to the rest of the images, and you have an accurate analogy to BLM and ALM.
  5. True Neutral

    DUNE (2020)

    I'm actually considering buying and reading this book. Worth it?
  6. This actually sounds insanely cool
  7. Testosterone was just one example. The point of the question was to show that it seems logical that there are differences between races, which then, logically, must somehow also effect the result of the outcome. This was given as an example why equality of outcome doesn't make sense to me. As long as you have equality of opportunity, you can say that systemic racism does not exist. When we talk about groups of people that are worse off in terms of socio-economic circumstances, we shouldn't focus on race anymore. I don't really understand this kind of thinking. Let's do a thought excercise. Imagine there is a group of people in a country, let's say 30%, who are poor. Now, you want to obviously somehow help this group, as their quality of life is much lower than the rest of the country's population. Now, someone comes along and starts saying "Wait a second, there is a disproportionately high number of people in this group that are blonde. In this group of poor people, 40% of them are blonde, 30% of them are black/dark haired, and 30% of them have brown hair. I think that the fact there are 10% more blond haired people in this group (even though in the general population there are only 20% of them), is proof of systemic haircolorism! We need to push much harder to help our blonde haired brothers out of poverty! Also, it's unfair because a couple of generations ago, "x" happened and blonde people suffered because of this in a large way(this could be completely true, I'm not implying it isn't)! Also, there are less blonde people in "x" and "y", where there should be more. Blonde lives matter!" Someone else comes along and says "Guys, why make distinctions between people based on their hair color? Why divide ourselves further? We're all people here, this kind of tribal thinking isn't healthy. Why don't we just say "All lives matter" and forget about dividing ourselves based on hair color?" "You are obviously haircolorist against blonde people you bigot! All lives matter is just a provocation to our Blonde lives matter movement, and is obviously proof of haircolorism!" Do you see how nonsensical this kind of thinking is? True, admittedly this analogy isn't perfect, as black people have suffered due to slavery not so long ago, but a path to equality, in my opinion, is to forget about dividing people based on race. Treat everyone as an equal person, give them the same kind of opportunities, and that's it. If you want to talk about helping people that are worse off economically, talk about just that, don't divide them into different races. People need to understand that even someone that has good intentions, like "helping black people because they are overly represented in an unprivileged group like poor people" will always also have a counter effect from people who don't agree with this, which will just cause further divide based on race (the distrinction that was initially made by the person with the good intentions). Also, if you help all poor people, the differences between black and white will, over time, get reduced more and more. You could also argue that even if everyone else forgot about race and treated everyone equally, there will always be a small number of people that will stay racist, and I would mostly agree with this. However, over a couple of generations where less and less people would really make distinctions based on race, this number would get reduced more and more, until it would, for all intents and purposes, effectively dissappear completely.
  8. Agreed, but now we're approaching the actual problem with it all - income inequality, and income inequality doesn't see race. There are poor white people to. Again, shouldn't we be working towards everyone equally? Obviously black people were statistically worse off back in the day, due to a vast majority of them being born into poverty, but why pushing a certain race forward for injustices done in the past doesn't make sense to me. How do you know at which point justice was served, and equality has been established? When the average representation of each race at every job is completely equal? When the average income of each race is exactly the same? But by that logic, I guess Americans should really clamp down on Asians, since they're performing so well? Maybe they should raise the taxes for jews? Also, what happens with the "bottom feeders" of a race that's doing the best right now on average? Poor asians or poor white people? I guess good luck to them, right? This kind of thinking, in my opinion just doesn't work. There are too many variables in the real world to be able to accurately depict who's at an advantage and who isn't. If anything, you go by a case by case basis, not just base it on race. Do you think there are ANY discernible differences between races at all? Since I suspect your answer will be no, I would followup with this question: "Do you think the physical differences between races (more testosterone and better athleticism on average with black people, less testosterone and athleticism and higher IQ in Asian people, etc..) affect their behavior? If so, you would expect the outcomes of these races to diverge, right? In other words, in a perfectly fair utopian world, how could you expect the outcomes to be in perfect balance at all times?
  9. In many ways though, this doesn't seem to be their view though, as you often see BLM members be racist towards other races, all while other races are also victims of police brutality and violence as well. Shouldn't we fight towards the end of police violence in general, and not disproportionately focus on it in terms of black people? "It can be understood as taking away the legitimity of BLM". Only if it's interpreted that way. Which, with a slogan like All lives matter (black lives included, by the way), seems highly unlikely, if you're actually fighting for equality. I guess at the end of the day we come back to the question of what equality really is. Is it equal opportunity, or equality of outcome?
  10. So let me get this straight. Because "x" amount of people decided that "all lives matter" is interpreted as intentional provocation, it now shouldn't be used anymore? But then, following the same logic, Black Lives Matter shouldn't be used anymore either, since it's interpreted as mostly only caring about black lives (as the name suggests) by a large amount of people. You're using the same argument with We could say the exact same thing about BLM. If you honestly care about police violence in general, you can expess that without adapting a slogan that part of the popution is using to express their racism against white people (some people that are into BLM and also racist against whites).
  11. One of my most anticipated games at the moment!
  12. 12 waves per skeleton fort on average, AFAIK
  13. True Neutral

    Better call Saul!

    There are theories online that Kim turns into that blonde prostitute from Breaking Bad Wendy, I think
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