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[multi] Outward

17 marec 2019 - 18:58

A lahko kdo, ki je fan Gothica ali Kingdom come deliverance, ne dobi trdega kurca ob tem videu?

Sicer imam občutek, da se "survival" game tag po novem nameni vsaki malce težji open world igri, ampak tole mi vseeno deluje kot proper oldschool open world RPG. Prva stvar, ki mi pade na pamet je Gothic, če je boj res vsaj malo podoben DS seriji, kakor omeni modelček, bo pa sploh super.

Odprt svet, v katerem si klošar, zgodbovni detajli kot naprimer to, da mano unlockaš šele ko se v kvestu povzpneš na vrh gore, to, da je achievement že ko si kupiš večji ruzak in nanj pripneš svetilko in podobno. Poleg tega ima igra split screen :lol:

V igri po porazu ne crkneš, ampak se pretepen, sestradan, dehidriran in morda brez opreme znajdeš nekje - bodisi v mestu, bandit campu, sredi divjine, ali pa kdo poskrbi zate. To se sicer sliši lažje kot kruta smrt, ampak igra uporablja samo en save slot, torej z vsakim encounterjem tvegaš to, da se boš moral kasneje sestavljat skupaj, če ti ne znese.


  • Solo or Cooperative survival and adventure: You can explore the world alone, or, if you are tired playing the lone wolf, you can play with others, both Online and Splitscreen. Hunt while your friend is setting up camp or explore while the other stands guard over your gear. You are free to split up and roam miles apart from each other.
  • Fixed difficulty and free-form adventuring: The game allows you to go anywhere you want right from the start. Just be clever enough to survive!
  • An open world filled with handcrafted regions: You will have good reasons to explore the whole world rather than just running around the map from location to location.
  • A complete adventuring experience: This game won't do everything for you. Perform multi-step rituals to cast spells, strike flint to start fires, and locate yourself on the map using visual landmarks.
  • Fully envisioned survival mechanics: Boiling your water for safe drinking, hunting for your next meal, and bundling up clothes to survive the harsh winters are just a few examples of what you'll learn as an adventurer.
  • Permanent consequences to every one of your actions: You can't simply save/reload before a tough choice or fight. The game is constantly saving and overwriting.
  • Legacy system to pass down items and skills: Death and retirement doesn't mean the end of your adventures. Pass down your gear and teach your skills to the next generation.
  • Dynamic quests that continue with or without you: No one is standing around waiting for you to come along and save them. If you aren't there or choose to ignore those in need, life goes on without you.
  • Dynamic player defeat: Losing a fight against a group of bandits won't simply have you looking at a "game over" screen. Instead, you might wake up to find yourself being held for ransom, or being dragged into the woods and left for dead after they've looted your belongings. Failure is part of life. In Outward, defeat is simply a part of your character's journey.

Outward is a game being developed by Nine Dots Studio. It will be released on March 26, 2019.