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Pridružen: 17 okt 2004
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V temi: Final Fantasy VII R - Discussione ufficiale

danes, 09:50

Al pa napihljiva Tifa :D

V temi: Final Fantasy VII R - Discussione ufficiale

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10. april.

Tkole izgleda pa paket ki ga dobiš če naročiš Collectors edition, what the fuck :D :D

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V temi: Final Fantasy VII R - Discussione ufficiale

danes, 09:31

Je pa definitivno plus, da je Part 1 očitno dolg med 40 in 50 ur :D :D

V temi: Final Fantasy VII R - Discussione ufficiale

danes, 09:02

Prvi vtisi folka, ki igra igrico, so zelo obetavni, razen da so nekatere texture zelo low-res. Nekaj quotov - brez spoilerjev:


Chapter 4 man, chapter 4 from start to finish, if this game doesn't get you until this point or with this chapter, then the whole game isn't for you.

I might already consider it the best Final Fantasy in 20 years with this chapter. I'm so, so into it. It makes me speechless.
The action, the insane presentation, the crazy f'n cutscenes which all scream "Japanese Videogame" and which gives me fantastic flashbacks of games from decades ago. The acting, the atmosphere in the group and the charisma of the characters. It sucked me right in, it is their best work in decades.
Besides some small technical fluctuations (which could be resolved by the day one patch), it's an absolute masterpiece.

And the music, my God the music, so, so many songs, I can't already count anymore how many different tracks the game gave me already in battles and action scenes. It's ridiculous.

The demo never really hooked me, but the full game sucked me so hard in, I feel like a child again.


The game is incredible, game feels less like a remake and more a complete re-imagining of the original. It also adds extra spice for those who have played the original some of the earlier moments that you spend


Yeah, there's some really low-res textures in this. I assume this is gonna be one of those things day one patches are for.

That's not even the worst part - the doors in the apartment complex are just a handful of pixels stretched across the model.

Those textures are terrible dang. Hopefully a day one patch fixes that.

I’m playing on a 55” 4K on PS4 Pro and numerous cutscenes with Tifa and Jesse take place there so the juxtaposition of these immaculate character models on top of such low resolution backgrounds is pretty jarring.

This isn’t a case of obsessing over tiny details - if you missed these issues you need your eyes checked.

There are god awful textures every 30 seconds in chapter 3.Cloud's room door is basically basically one giant rectangle in the middle of the screen with no texture, it's impossible to miss.


Hmmm animations are not great. In less important scenes characters seem quite stiff and janky, faces aren't expressive. You can also tell when the lip syncing for English is off too. Mostly NPCs, but it's the same with talking to Tifa outside of story missions, she'll do gestures that don't match with what she's saying, etc. It's minor though. I'm just nitpicking.

played for 2 hours but i will wait for a possible d1 patch. i had some pretty nasty texture-loading issues in cutscenes and the world itself. it not your typical unreal engine loading problem, those textures are just stuck at the lowest detail level. its only a few but man, do they stick out.


I know this may have already been addressed. But do we have a supposed length of Part 1 yet?

Answer: 40 hours


The remake gives a lot of breathing room and attention to characters who weren’t that important.

Moments from the original have also been heavily altered. The five minute event where you meet Aerith and flee on a train in the original is now a massive tour through Midgar, and meeting Aerith now has those cloaked figures from the trailer appearing. It’s taken me 10 hours to get to the Airbuster fight whereas in the original that would be, what, 2-3 hours?


Sceptical. Impressed with the graphical technical aspect, but I hated the boss fight in the demo and the permanent potion feeding.
It worked a lot better now after playing it again and after you get new skills and get into the really interesting materia and weapon upgrade system, it's so much better. And it really surprised me everywhere, I didn't expected a presentation on this level with cutscenes and characters which could be straight out of a Kojima game. I didn't expected so much story and character development in such small intervals.
Specially chapter 4 doesn't give you any room to breath. It's incredible.
You can feel that a lot of the 100 GB has to be for the way they tell the story.


So I'm 5 hours in. This is easily the best FF since XII. Combat and music are excellent, top of their class for the genre. The visual design is mostly impeccable.

Game has some rough edges, though. The slums had some side content that wasn't as polished as the rest of the game. Very FF15 feel to the NPC interactions which is not a good thing. Textures and asset pop in is pretty noticeable at times. Some assets seem to be lacking textures entirely? Other weird stuff like loading times to interact with NPCs.


I’ve almost 25 hours with the game (basically playing non-stop since I got it, minus a few minutes for shower + food as well as 2 hours of sleep lol) and I am personally loving it so far.

There are a few, tiny things that aren’t perfect (textures seems to be fucked up in some cases e.g.) but overall… I was shaking the whole time. But to be fair: I like cheesy, very “Japanese” games. I can see people disliking it for being very “Anime” – be it the voice-acting, certain tropes and of course the gesture & facial expressions-

So far I like the most the characterization! There are a lot of good scenes between the main cast and I fell in love with characters I didn’t even care that much for… for example Aerith… don’t get me wrong: She has an important role and all but her stereotype usually does not click well with me but the Remake made me really like her a lot – especially in combination with Tifa: Girl Power!
She is even fun to play, which I did not anticipate because I am usually more of a “berserker” which isn’t a good play-style for her weapon abilities etc.

What really annoys me is the fact that you have to press and hold the triangle-button even if it makes no sense? It was like that in the demo already but it’s also in full game… and a lot on top of that.

Sometimes I also think the side-quest from a certain recurring characters are a bit strangely explained… it took me a while to understand what he wanted from me with his first “batch” of orders.

Cloud is adorable… I love him very much. And Barret is a very fun combo with Cloud, especially when the scene also includes Marlene (or Barrets feelings for Marlene)…

Gameplay is fun as hell, I grinded too much, tho… so some things have to wait until I play hard mode (it’s basically impossible [for now] to learn enemy abilities because they usually die the second I join the battle lol…)…

Ehrm… I’ve a lot to say but I honestly want to continue playing!

Great OT!

V temi: [PS4] Nioh

včeraj, 14:04

Včeraj je prišel 1.07 update, ki fixa zelo pomemben bug:


  • Fixed an issue in the mission “Bird in A Cage” where it was not possible to give dung balls to “Ryunojo the Dung Lover.”