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DTS je pretty much ratal meme :rofl:





Will Buxton, DTS Season 5: "Coming off the previous season... Even before the first race, there was tension within the McLaren team. Ricciardo was unable to take part in the test due to illness - and Lando made his feelings on having to do all the work pretty clear."


"There are certain moments when silence falls on a racing track, and you know what that means - Lando Norris has turned up with Donuts for his team as a power play. There's no other way for Daniel to take that but as a declaration of war"

-Will Buxton DTS Season 5


Toto in his black turtleneck: "When I saw the donuts being passed around and I didn't get one I knew.... everyone is a target this season"


Christian Horner: "I just knew mclaren was up to their dirty tricks again, trying to make our drivers gain weight to slow us down. So naturally we were forced to lodge a protest with the FIA".


Guenther: What? There were Donuts? God damn it, i fucking hate being last on the paddock, fuck! It's like that fucking movie with the long shaft where people live on countless floors and food is being delivered through that hole. The longer it travels the shittier it gets and guess what, we have the shittiest food. Fuck. I need a break"




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