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V temi: Succession

15 oktober 2019 - 17:30

fak fak fak kjer hud zakljucek


skoz sm kolebala a ga bo a ga nau
pa ga je!

V temi: Billions

10 junij 2019 - 17:16

Oglej si sporočiloamnesia, ob 07 junij 2019 - 13:36, rekši:

men je tole top serija in se mi bo snelo, ce ne bo v finalu vsaj nakazano, da bosta axe pa wendy koncno skupaj

njen pogled/nasmeh v prejsnji epizodi, ko zagleda axa v pisarni, je bil neprecenljiv

to bi blo najbl bedno
upam da v 5. sezoni isto vidmo napetost

ampak da se picka koncn podredi (tko kot je svoji so-domini rekla da jo zanima preskok v subico)
sam ne morm se odloct komu bi blo dobr

V temi: [uradno] Gostilna pri konjzolcu

01 februar 2019 - 18:46


As reported on the French-language news site Europe 1, a 19-year-old man has been given a four-month suspended prison sentence for attempting to pick up a second PlayStation 4 for the price of some loose fruit and veg.
Yes, he'd already successfully done it the once, but got greedy and went back for more. Tsk, tsk - always quit while you're ahead, when it comes to being shifty in the supermarket.
In September last year, the now not-so-happy shopper, named only as Adel in the Europe 1 article (which comes to us via a report at The Sixth Axis), took a new PS4 console to the fruit and vegetables section of a hypermarket in Montbéliard, a city near the Swiss border.
There, he put it on the scales meant for bananas and tomatoes and the like, and printed out a price label - which totalled a whopping nine euros and 29 cents. We're not sure what he put the PlayStation through as - spuds, satsumas, we may never know - but it was meant to be priced at 340 euros in the store.
Thinking himself pretty darn clever, Adel then takes the PS4 to the store's self-checkout area, scans the label, and pays up. And it works! He leaves and goes on to sell the PS4 to someone else for 100 euros. A nice profit, and no mistake - albeit from the kind of shady business that makes us pull a very stern frowny face.
Adel - originally from Nice - can't help himself, and returns to the same store to repeat the trick the very next day. Only this time, the retailer has cottoned on, and police are waiting to arrest him when he tries to stroll out with what definitely isn't a few pounds of delicious sweet peppers.
Last Thursday (24 January), Adel was finally given a four-month suspended prison sentence for his actions, as well as five years of "ineligibility". We're not really sure what that means, but it's probably got something to do with not stepping inside the store in question for quite a while.
Not sure why he was so keen to grab such a new system, to be honest - there hasn't been a Juiced game released since the PS3.

V temi: Fast & Furious Hobbs &Shawn

01 februar 2019 - 18:45

:panika: :panika: :panika: :panika:

nam gledala trailerja ker komi cakam

V temi: Hearthstone

19 januar 2019 - 09:54