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Čestitke Swiftijem. :D Mi bodo počasi res že šli na racku, ampak veliko boljše oni kot pa SF. 


Bi bil že čas, da se ostale AFC ekipe (Billsi, Ravensi, Bungalsi pa mogoče še Boltsi pod Harbijem končno začnejo zgledat kot resna ekipa) spravijo skupaj in jih ustavijo. V NFC so itak žal edina resna ekipa Ninersi. Lionsi so pač še vedno Lionsi, Kavbojke so prvaki offseasona, potem pa januarja pogledajo na koledarje, ostali pa nimajo šans.

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ronaldinho reče pred 34 minutami:

Čestitke Swiftijem. :D Mi bodo počasi res že šli na racku, ampak veliko boljše oni kot pa SF. 


Bi bil že čas, da se ostale AFC ekipe (Billsi, Ravensi, Bungalsi pa mogoče še Boltsi pod Harbijem končno začnejo zgledat kot resna ekipa) spravijo skupaj in jih ustavijo. V NFC so itak žal edina resna ekipa Ninersi. Lionsi so pač še vedno Lionsi, Kavbojke so prvaki offseasona, potem pa januarja pogledajo na koledarje, ostali pa nimajo šans.


alo prjatu


SB 2025 :D 

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Odgovor na vprašanje The Ringerja: Ne. :D 


49erse je najbolj stalo to da so igrali precej strahopetno, tako v rednem delu kot tudi v podaljšku. Pa kar neumen play calling no. Sploh tam v tretji četrtini pri vodstvu ko so na 1st and 10 igrali neke dolge podaje na lastni polovici ampak je vse izgledalo tako polovičarsko, niti blizu convertanja. 


V podaljšku pa so v obrambi parkrat izpadli kot neumni šolarčki. 


All in all: zelo povprečni Chiefsi so jih nadigrali na rutino kot pač znajo. Tole res vedno bolj spominja na dinastijo Patsov kot ste že nekateri omenili.

uredilo bitje Seth
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How Matty Beniers is showing Selke Trophy potential despite sophomore slump

Dec 27, 2023; Calgary, Alberta, CAN; Seattle Kraken center Matty Beniers (10) skates with the puck against the Calgary Flames during the third period at Scotiabank Saddledome. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
By Dom Luszczyszyn and Shayna Goldman
7h ago



Matty Beniers entered his sophomore season with big expectations.

A 57-point campaign, savvy two-way play and a Calder in his trophy case will have that effect. The No. 2 pick in the 2021 NHL Draft looked like the next big thing, a future franchise player for the Seattle Kraken who fostered high hopes for the franchise in its third season.

Consider those expectations unmet — offensively, anyway. After scoring six goals and 19 points in his first 46 games, it’s safe to say Beniers’ second season has been a disappointment. That doesn’t mean it’s been a complete failure, though.

Defensively, there are some intriguing signs that Beniers is well on his way to becoming an elite shutdown center — one with serious Selke Trophy upside. As disappointing as his scoring has been, there’s more than meets the box score with Beniers.

Defense is hard to evaluate in any sport.

The absence of offense can sometimes be difficult to perceive, measure, see or quantify. It’s harder to gauge correctly and there’s a lot of room left for debate. A player can do all the right things but not earn the right outcomes. A player can have an illogical methodology but get results.


That’s where it’s important to find through-lines, something that groups together many of the league’s best in certain categories.

Analytically, it’s usually gauged by how many chances a team allows with and without a player on the ice, with some adjustment for context. It can even be as simple as how trusted a player is in defensive situations by his coach, someone who usually has a keen eye for defensive aptitude.

In both cases, Beniers looks good — just not quite elite. His plus-1.4 Defensive Rating puts him in the 83rd percentile among forwards and his defensive leverage appears above average in terms of competition quality, score state and zone starts. He’s not a shutdown center and isn’t being used like one, but at 21, he looks to be on the right path.

Digging deeper, there might be an even more interesting through-line for defensive aptitude highlighted by tracking data from Corey Sznajder’s All Three Zones project. It’s a player’s defensive zone workload and efficiency — something that Beniers seriously excels at.

Getting to pucks in the defensive zone and getting pucks out of the defensive zone is essential to limiting opponent offense. It’s also hard work. It’s a stress usually put on a team’s defenseman, though the team’s forwards (usually the center) are expected to help out to some degree.

Sznajder tracks this with defensive zone puck retrievals and zone exits. Call that the “workload” and look through some of the best defensive forwards over the last few seasons. It becomes immediately clear just how involved they are in the defensive zone. The best defensive forwards get to pucks and get them out at a high frequency.

Aleksander Barkov, Sean Couturier, Mark Stone, Ryan O’Reilly and Mikael Backlund are all heavily involved in the defensive zone. In this specific case of defensive zone workload, Beniers doesn’t look out of place next to some highly reputable two-way forwards.

Over the last three years, there have been 27 seasons in which a forward playing top-six minutes was in the 90th percentile of both exit volume and retrieval volume. Beniers is one of four players to do it in two seasons. Barkov, Stone and Connor McDavid are the others.


Workload is only half the battle, though. It’s also about being clean and efficient. That means turning retrievals into zone exits and turning zone exits into controlled zone exits. Efficiency, in this regard, is about getting pucks out safely with control to transition the puck up ice with possession. It’s something Sznajder also tracks and what we’ll use to measure efficiency.


It’s not just that Beniers has a heavy defensive zone workload, it’s what he does with it that makes his defensive zone work so impressive. Despite heavy usage, Beniers has taken steps toward becoming extremely efficient at getting to pucks and getting them out with possession. Last year, he turned a retrieval into an exit 58 percent of the time and exited the zone with possession 71 percent of the time. Both are strong marks (especially considering he also carried a pretty heavy burden last season) that may have been overlooked given the emphasis on the offense he created as a rookie. But those are both marks that pale in comparison to what he’s done this season. He’s turned a retrieval into an exit 81 percent of the time and earned a controlled exit 78 percent of the time.

Those numbers are very rare, period, but even more so for a forward who operates at such a high volume. It’s the kind of efficiency level that’s in line with players with a much lighter workload — or some of the most skilled players in the world like McDavid, Jack Eichel, Mathew Barzal, Elias Pettersson or Auston Matthews. That’s Beniers’ peer group here, obviously fantastic company.

Some of the top two-way forwards are high on both lists (this is where Barkov really shines), just not quite at the level of what Beniers is doing this season. In terms of workload and efficiency, he ranks above the 95th percentile in both. Over the last three seasons, there’s only been one other forward who made the same cutoff: McDavid in 2021-22 and 2022-23.

Something that plays into that efficiency is his discipline, despite his workload. Last year, Beniers only took one five-on-five penalty across 80 games (an offensive-zone interference call). Across 45 games this season, he has taken three penalties — two of which (hooking and tripping) took place back in the defensive zone. That is impressive for any forward, let alone one who isn’t experienced at the NHL level and retrieves pucks at a high rate. He doesn’t cheat because he’s so positionally sound.

What Beniers is doing with this specific skill set is special. It shows when plotting out each top-six forward’s defensive zone workload (an average of their retrievals and exits per 60) compared to their defensive zone efficiency (an average of their retrieval to exit percentage and controlled exit percentage). McDavid’s and Barkov’s two best seasons are shown for reference.


Beniers is a smart player who sees the ice well, reads opponents and can anticipate how the play will unfold. That vision is what helps him retrieve and intercept pucks under pressure or spot loose pucks, and then find the right path out of the zone with control.

The ability to retrieve pucks and get them out with possession obviously isn’t the be-all, end-all. The volume at which a player does so isn’t either. There are strong defensive players who chip the puck out instead and there are some who aren’t as involved in getting to pucks and getting them out. There are many other things that go into a player’s defensive acumen that aren’t accounted for here — especially off-puck play.


Still, Beniers’ ability to help retrieve pucks and exit the zone with possession does feel like an ah-ha moment in terms of understanding his future trajectory. It’s a skill that emulates many of the best two-way forwards in the game in not only how involved he is in helping his defenseman, but also how good he is at it without giving the puck up. It’s a rare blend of talent that matches and even surpasses what the league’s most reputable Selke-level stars have.

That’s the silver lining here for Beniers in what has been an otherwise disappointing campaign. His lack of production may be what headlines his season, but it shouldn’t define it with what he’s doing to become a complete 200-foot player.

Defensive ability is the hardest skill to come by for a young forward. That he’s already showing flashes of how dominating he can be in that realm is an incredible sign for his future in the NHL. He has potential to be a two-way monster, one who can potentially contend for Selke Trophies for the next decade.

It’s that next 100 feet he still needs to work on. Considering what he has shown in his rookie season (and given his current shooting percentages) there shouldn’t be too much concern over whether he’ll get there.

This wasn’t the season many envisioned for Matty Beniers, but it’s not a season that should dispel any expectations regarding the type of player he can become. Even if he isn’t scoring as much as many hoped, Beniers looks like he’s going to be a game-changer.





  • 01:00 New Jersey Devils - Seattle Kraken
  • 01:00 New York Rangers - Calgary Flames
  • 01:00 Philadelphia Flyers - Arizona Coyotes
  • 04:00 Vegas Golden Knights - Minnesota Wild
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Jude reče pred 5 urami:

Neverjetno, 49ersi niso naštudirali playoff OT rules (Chiefsi pa očitno že v training campu):








Se mi zdi neverjetno, da ekipa, ki je imela pred sezono SB inspiracije in se ni slučajno znašla v tej tekmi ter v športu, kjer se namenja toliko pozornosti vsem različnim strategijam in analiziranju še tako majhnih detajlov nekdo ne bi bil pripravljen na tako pomembno spremembo. Ok, res so podaljški v SB redki (šele druga tekma, odločena v OT, se mi zdi), ampak vseeno si že samo zaradi tega nepoznavanja pravil zaslužijo poraz. 

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  • 01:00 New Jersey Devils - Seattle Kraken 3-1
  • 01:00 New York Rangers - Calgary Flames 2-0
  • 01:00 Philadelphia Flyers - Arizona Coyotes 5-3
  • 04:00 Vegas Golden Knights - Minnesota Wild 3-5






  • 01:00 Boston Bruins - Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 01:00 Buffalo Sabres - Los Angeles Kings (arena 1)
  • 01:00 Montreal Canadiens - Anaheim Ducks
  • 01:00 Ottawa Senators - Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 01:00 Toronto Maple Leafs - St. Louis Blues
  • 01:00 Washington Capitals - Colorado Avalanche
  • 01:30 New York Islanders - Seattle Kraken
  • 02:00 Dallas Stars - Carolina Hurricanes
  • 02:00 Nashville Predators - New Jersey Devils
  • 02:30 Chicago Blackhawks - Vancouver Canucks
  • 03:00 Edmonton Oilers - Detroit Red Wings
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Kaki razpad sistema v zadnji tretini, ne me jebat no :no: 3-3 po 2 tretinah, nato pa totalen polom in kasirali 5 golov. McJesus pa z 6 podajami :ododava:  Pa Husso je spet poskodovan. 

No ja, usaj nismo Kingsi :rofl: 



  • 01:00 Boston Bruins - Tampa Bay Lightning 2-3 (SO)
  • 01:00 Buffalo Sabres - Los Angeles Kings 7-0
  • 01:00 Montreal Canadiens - Anaheim Ducks 5-0
  • 01:00 Ottawa Senators - Columbus Blue Jackets 6-3
  • 01:00 Toronto Maple Leafs - St. Louis Blues 4-1
  • 01:00 Washington Capitals - Colorado Avalanche 3-6
  • 01:30 New York Islanders - Seattle Kraken 1-2 (SO)
  • 02:00 Dallas Stars - Carolina Hurricanes 4-2
  • 02:00 Nashville Predators - New Jersey Devils 2-4
  • 02:30 Chicago Blackhawks - Vancouver Canucks 2-4
  • 03:00 Edmonton Oilers - Detroit Red Wings 8-4






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