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CR... upam da bo talal bombe pravice pičkam v slačilnici, k bodo šli v kero tekmo nezainteresirani


CR... ima svoj baggage. jebiga, bomo vidli, če ga uspemo tako zahejtat kot smo Rooneya, ki je bil že negledljiv na koncu (debil Moyes brez jajc, da bi ga prodal, medtem k ga je imel SAF že na odstrelu)


City... upam da zdaj kupijo Erija Kejna...


da potem United kupi še kterga midfielderja


pol bomo imeli pa proper title race :mafija:

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Daffy reče pred 14 urami:

realno mamo zdaj višek v špici; krištijanu, cavani, martial in greenwood en bo se bo matral z minutami to sezono tudi če sta prva dva skupaj skorda 70 let stara 

zelo verjetno da bo to martial 


bomo videli, ziher je clovek se vedno klasa vendar vseeno prinese določenk prtljago zraven okoli katere bo treba planirat 

če se mu da pravk vlogo in se ga pravilno menedža je lahko izjemna dodana vrednost, ne bo pa to tako enostavno


15 + 8 m eur ter pogodba do 2023, sicer nedvomno z ogromno plačo, je na papirju dober deal



Kak skoraj? 34 + 36 je že 70. :D

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schatzi reče pred 54 minutami:

Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United: How the deal was done


When news filtered through on Thursday evening that, to Manchester United’s horror, Cristiano Ronaldo really had agreed to join Manchester City, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke with his inner circle and knew United had to act.

Solskjaer recognised that beyond the playing aspects for Pep Guardiola’s side across town, seeing Ronaldo pull on the blue shirt of City would have wider consequences for United. To allow a legendary United figure to turn out for their local rivals without a fight would damage the club in the eyes of current players, potential recruits, and supporters. Conversely, Solskjaer pictured the benefits re-signing Ronaldo could bring to his squad, one of the youngest in the Premier League, with his ultra-professionalism and elite pedigree.

Solskjaer placed a call to chief executive Ed Woodward with one aim — he wanted to know if United could do the deal instead. It was a quick conversation. Woodward agreed instantly and set about negotiating with Ronaldo’s Italian club, Juventus.

Meanwhile, the network of past United players and even their iconic former manager Sir Alex Ferguson went to work on Ronaldo himself. Ferguson is described by multiple sources as playing a “major role” over the 24 hours, phoning Ronaldo and using his good relationship with Jorge Mendes, the superagent, to aid United’s cause.

Rio Ferdinand is another who stepped in heavily, almost acting as a broker on behalf of United. Ferdinand had a passionate conversation with long-time United team-mate Ronaldo, who was genuinely inquisitive about the impact moving to City might have on his United legacy. Ferdinand was firm in counselling Ronaldo over the hurt seeing him joining City might cause, set against the joy that returning to Old Trafford would bring him and United fans.

Ferdinand is also close to Woodward and made sure United were informed over the financial details. He was still up at 1.30am, sending messages to get the deal moving.

In provocative social media updates on Friday afternoon, sunglasses shielded the bags under his eyes.


At the same time, Bruno Fernandes pressed his Portugal team-mate, Patrice Evra exchanged voice notes with him on WhatsApp, and Solskjaer, who was still a senior player at United when Ronaldo first joined the club as a teenager in 2003, personally intervened too. It was an avalanche of affection.


By 1.15pm on Friday, when Solskjaer performed his media duties ahead of this weekend’s game against Wolves, it was clear that United felt their charm offensive had worked.

It is believed Ronaldo had given his word he was signing up for a second spell by 10.30 that morning.

The Athletic had at that stage been informed United were making a late play and asked Solskjaer at his press conference about the prospect of beating City to the punch. His response was effusive: “Cristiano is a legend of this club. The greatest player of all time, if you ask me. I was fortunate enough to play with him. I coached him when I got my job (on the United staff).

“Let’s see what happens with Cristiano. Everyone who has played with him has a soft spot for him. We’ve always had good communication. Bruno has been talking to him. He knows what we feel about him. If he was ever going to move away from Juventus, he knows we’re here.”

Solskjaer’s eyes danced as he spoke, a sign of anticipation.

United worked quickly. At 4.53pm, the announcement came that the sensational deal was done. It has come at a cost of an initial €15 million with €8 million in add-ons, with Ronaldo poised to sign a two-year contract.

Here, The Athletic reveals how:

  • Mendes tried all summer to get Ronaldo to United but club executives did not bite for fear of being stung and a belief Juventus would refuse to sell
  • City had fully agreed a deal with Ronaldo, who gave Juventus team-mates the impression he was joining Guardiola’s Premier League champions as recently as 8am Friday
  • There are suspicions Mendes used City’s interest to get United to the table, and claims the gazumping will have potential repercussions for future business at the Etihad
  • Ferguson has repeatedly wanted United to re-sign Ronaldo, most recently in 2019, and said that “all hell would have broken loose” had the club failed to land him now
  • Ronaldo is seen as a transformative figure at set pieces as well as elsewhere on the pitch, with United in need of a centre-forward presence amid doubts over Edinson Cavani’s future availability
  • Ronaldo is completing his medical in Lisbon and then joining up with the Portugal national team, as there was not enough time to complete the paperwork for him to play against Wolves.

For over a year now, Ronaldo has not been content with life at Juventus.

The Athletic reported earlier this year that he had in fact been offered to Paris Saint-Germain during last summer’s transfer window. PSG declined that approach, partly because much of their attention even then was focused on preparing a package to tempt Lionel Messi away from Barcelona, as the Argentinian briefly appeared to be available, but also because their president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is not as close to Mendes as he had been in the early days of Qatari rule at the Parc des Princes.

This summer, Ronaldo’s future has appeared uncertain.

On the surface, it seemed he may remain in Turin. After Lyon eliminated Juventus in the Champions League last-16 just over a year ago, club chairman Andrea Agnelli described Ronaldo as a “pillar of Juventus” and suggested any links to PSG were “mischief” on the part of journalists. Then, on July 7 this year, Agnelli presented his new executive team and again insisted there had been no indication from Ronaldo that he wished to leave.

Agnelli said: “There hasn’t been any signal on his part or that of Juventus. We’re really happy with Cristiano and as soon as he’s finished his deserved (post-European Championship) rest he’ll join up with that team for pre-season.” Ronaldo did as Agnelli suggested he would, reporting for his pre-season medical on July 26, which led to cautious optimism he would remain.

However, following PSG’s free-agent signing of his great rival Messi on August 10, speculation intensified over Ronaldo’s future.

Ten days ago, Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti took the unusual step of writing on Twitter that he had not considered bringing the player back to the Bernabeu this summer. Ronaldo then wrote on his own social media, stating his unhappiness with the manner in which he felt his name was being “played around” in the media during this transfer window.

The Athletic has learned that, shortly before these two statements, Ancelotti was made aware that Ronaldo would be open to a return to Madrid, the club he left for Juventus in 2018, and the player’s entourage were eager for him to press club president Florentino Perez into agreeing a dramatic return.


One source close to the situation said: “Cristiano was absolutely desperate to get out of Turin and into an environment where he could be happier.” Madrid were given the firm impression that Ronaldo felt he had made a grave mistake by heading to Italy.

Ancelotti, however, is a shrewd politician and he knows the buttons to press. When he returned to Madrid for a second spell as coach in June, his first meeting with Perez saw the president outline very clearly that PSG striker Kylian Mbappe would be their sole objective of this summer’s window, even if that meant sacrificing stalwart defenders Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane in the process, and that no move for other high-profile forwards should be considered. Indeed, Ancelotti knew that Perez has previously “shut the door” on previous attempts by Ronaldo to return to Madrid.

Despite Ancelotti’s inaction, stories continued to emanate, which led to the coach denying any links on Twitter. Amid Madrid’s disinterest, Mendes made PSG aware that Ronaldo could be open to joining them, yet the French club have never entertained this prospect this summer and the suggestions that he could link up with Messi and Neymar in the French capital were only ever the figment of imaginative graphics on social media.

As Mendes scoured the market for opportunities, he fixed his gaze on Manchester City.

Around 10 days ago, City were presented with the chance to sign Ronaldo but initially declined the option, as they remained focused on Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane and, mistakenly, believed they could get a deal for the England captain over the line in this window. Indeed, The Athletic has been told that as late as last Thursday, sources in Spain were made aware that Guardiola did not want Ronaldo and, to quote a well-placed source, “had closed the door” on any possible transfer.

Yet within a week, widespread reportage made clear that Guardiola had spoken to Ronaldo to discuss where he would fit into the team and City saw Kane commit his future to Tottenham. Mendes already has a stable of clients at City, including Ederson, Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva and Joao Cancelo, and the club were indebted to the agent for constructing a deal that saw Dias join them from Benfica last summer, while fellow defender Nicolas Otamendi headed from the Etihad to the Lisbon side.

Negotiations commenced on Monday and intensified rapidly through Tuesday.

Mendes was reported to have met with City representatives in Paris on Tuesday evening and City were, at that stage, confident a deal would be done, albeit insistent that nothing had been concluded. Indeed, a senior source at the Etihad insisted on Tuesday afternoon that City were still deliberating internally as to whether they truly wanted a player their coach appeared to have written off as a target less than a week earlier.

Those deliberations included the stylistic fit of the player and also how Ronaldo’s wages may impact dressing room harmony. However, by Tuesday night, there was an expectation both from City and representatives of Ronaldo that the player would return to Manchester but to play in light blue not United red.

Ronaldo himself is said to have told a Juventus team-mate that he expected to join City as late as Friday morning, as he arrived at training around 8am UK time.

City’s temptation was dictated by on-the-field necessity, as they require a centre-forward having not got Kane, but also the off-the-field boost the signing would give to the club’s commercial presence. Sources in the Middle East, meanwhile, suggested the decision by PSG’s Qatari owners to sign Messi would have triggered sensitivities in the United Arab Emirates, where City’s owners had long pined for the Argentinian. After missing out on Messi, there is a view that they sensed an opportunity to lay down their own marker. This would not have been the motivation for the transfer, but it would have been seen as a benefit, particularly as relations between Qatar and the UAE remain frosty, even more so than current relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

On Wednesday, Mendes flew to Turin and on Thursday morning, at a meeting with Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved, their new chief executive Maurizio Arrivabene and sporting director Federico Cherubini, he made clear it was Ronaldo’s intention to leave.

The timing — five days before the end of the transfer window, and with the season already started — was not appreciated. Mendes was told any deal would be on Juventus’s terms. Ronaldo participated in an open training session but he was the first to leave and also emptied his locker. He flew out at around 2.30pm local time in Italy to Lisbon for his medical, touching down in his homeland at 4pm.

Mino Raiola, the superagent who represents Paul Pogba, was also at Juventus’s Continassa headquarters on Thursday, mostly to discuss the future of his client Wesley, a 21-year-old Juventus midfielder, but those discussions evolved into talks about the Everton forward Moise Kean, who could return to former club Juventus to replace Ronaldo.

The Portuguese returned to Turin from Lisbon and spent 40 minutes saying his farewells on Friday morning. Head coach Max Allegri confirmed he did not train and would not be involved in Saturday’s home game against Empoli after expressing his intention to leave. By then, everybody involved knew the Manchester switch had occurred and that Ronaldo would be heading to Old Trafford as the two clubs held talks over a fee.

Juventus signed Ronaldo from Madrid for €117 million in the summer of 2018. He had been in the third year of a four-year deal worth a salary of €31 million net a year. After amortisation, his book value is €28.8 million, which is why Juventus needed a fee in the region of that amount in order not to record a loss in their accounts.

City’s first wish was to pay no money as a transfer fee but it is believed they were prepared to agree a price with Juventus after talks with Mendes this week. United, meanwhile, clicked into gear, or as one source close to negotiations put it, “woke up”. Late on Thursday evening, the pressure began.

Ferguson was at the heart of the strategy. His relationship with Ronaldo is genuinely as good as the misty-eyed testimonies make out. The Scot is described as being one of the few people in the world that Ronaldo “still defers to”.


Ronaldo’s biggest appreciation was the way his former manager chose him over fellow United forward Ruud van Nistelrooy following their training ground bust-up in 2005. His compassion after Ronaldo’s father died when the player was just 20 also left a lasting bond.

United’s first call to Ronaldo came late on Thursday night and Ferguson was a “decisive factor”. He has advocated United re-signing Ronaldo since he retired as manager after the 2012-13 season, with the most recent push coming two years ago. Ferguson pressed Solskjaer to make a move for Ronaldo, who was then having difficulties at Juventus under new manager Maurizio Sarri.

Ferguson has seen wishes for United to sign other players go unfulfilled but was not about to let this opportunity go by.

On Thursday he called members of United’s board and also Mendes, with whom he shared a healthy respect, to ensure United were doing everything possible. Sources say “all hell would have broken loose” if United had missed out again.

Former United players rallied round too, and word seeped out. It was no coincidence that Derby County manager Wayne Rooney spoke so strongly that evening against ex-strike partner Ronaldo joining crosstown rivals City.

Woodward negotiated with Agnelli, the pair having grown closer during the planning for the mooted Super League scrapped this spring, and they worked swiftly to a resolution. From a United perspective, the process was smooth and efficient, and Ronaldo will even be on lower wages than he was being paid in Turin.

The United squad are ecstatic at Ronaldo’s arrival. There is a belief he can change the dynamic of the dressing room with his fastidious approach and peerless trophy collection. “He will up the levels,” says a source close to the players. “He’s like Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid — an expert of his craft. As a young lad, you will be in awe.”

An industry insider said United had to act to stop Ronaldo going to City. “The Glazers went and signed Tom Brady for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last summer) and won the Super Bowl (in the legendary quarterback’s debut season). As Man United’s owners, you have to be shown to be putting respect on the club’s name — ‘We are competitive, we’re not letting him go there’.”

There may be collateral. Those with knowledge of the football business believe the relationship between Mendes and City will be impaired by this bruising episode.

Conversely, United were internally worried about Ronaldo going to the Etihad from a legacy perspective. They might have been forced to airbrush him from the club’s history in some ways were he to have made waves on the other side of Manchester.

United believe that even at 36, and turning 37 in February, Ronaldo can have a real impact for them on the pitch. There are doubts about Cavani’s availability this season due to his insistence on playing for Uruguay, who have World Cup qualifiers next month and in October and November, and the COVID-19 quarantine on returning to the UK that those trips to South America would currently entail, while Anthony Martial was once more an ineffective presence up front in last weekend’s draw with Southampton.

Ronaldo, with his phenomenal aerial ability, is viewed as providing Solskjaer with an asset in either box and United believe he has many more years at the top level despite his age.

It is a homecoming to cherish for United fans but club sources say this transfer is not about reliving the past.

They want to forge new memories.

(Additional contributors: David Ornstein and James Horncastle)

(Main graphic: Created for The Athletic by Sam Richardson)


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raven reče pred 7 minutami:

Dej mejl na ZS, da ti dam 30 day pass.

Isto še kdo drug, ki rabi.


Ali pa mal googli, jaz sem zdej imel 1 funto na mesec.


sej kamot najdeš poceni deale

js sm mal popizdil, k mi je avtomatsko podaljšalo za full price (sem pol sicer dobil refund)


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A mislte, da je res možn, da se ne bi nobedn stegnil za Ronaldom, če se ga je ponujal okol že let pa pol, tko kot tej reporterji poročajo?

Isto glede pogodbe. Včer se je pisalo, da bo na cca 270k, niti najbolj plačan v unitedu, dons so pa cifre že na 500k.

Povezava do prispevka

pogodba je glavni faktor imo. zato tud je bil zmenjen z man cityjem, ker so objestni in bi mu dal cifre. zdej vemo da je zvedu man u za to in so potalibaniral deal, IMO pa plača ne bo manjša kot v cityju, drugače bi ronaldo mirno šel tja. lahko delate to karikaturo da je želel domov. real je njegov dom. seveda pa upamo da bo pozitiven faktor. iskreno ne vem kaj pričakovat, v juvetu mi je bil oduren, za portugalsko pa same škandale še ustvarja (norel na soigralce, metal trak, šou iz igrišča)

Povezava do prispevka

Leaken je bil Ronaldov pogovor z nekom (Palhinha), ki je povezan z klubom iz Maderire (National). Pogovor se pa zgodil par ur preden je podpisal za United.


Palhinhas what's up? My situation will be done today this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Either Manchester United or Manchester City, both are fighting to sign me and it's going to be closed.


I heard Nacional are in a tough situation, would you be interested in Bruno Alves? I think he would be an asset with his experience and quality despite his age. He was at Parma and signed with Famalicão but fell out with the manager and terminated his contract. Do you think he's a valid option? I think he is. Talk to the manager or someone at the club, he's a free agent at the moment.

Tipsonu je blo vseeno kam gre. Sam, da gre iz Juveta haha

uredilo bitje Tijuana
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Ne vem zakaj takšna fama okoli tega, da Ronaldo prihaja domov. Tip je svoja prime leta ponucal v Realu, ne v Manchestru.:lol: On je legenda Reala. Iz Manchestra je takrat hotel čimprej spizdit. Mal preveč se to poveličuje imo.

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diallo gre očitno v feyenoord na loan, smiselno glede na to, da imamo zdaj gužvo na sprednjih treh pozicijah 


sicer ne vem kaj mislimo zdaj z dm-jem, dvomim da bomo sploh koga pripeljali kar je mal smešno glede na to da smo že ob prvi poškodbi mctominaya (pa kdo ve kolko časa bo out) primorami igrat freda v, sodeč po tekmi proti sotonu, katastrofalni formi in starino matiča, ki se sestavi enkrat na pet tekem


na rbju pa očitno dalot ostaja, zgleda bomo upali da se awb ne zlomi




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Morski reče pred 56 minutami:

Ne vem zakaj takšna fama okoli tega, da Ronaldo prihaja domov. Tip je svoja prime leta ponucal v Realu, ne v Manchestru.:lol: On je legenda Reala. Iz Manchestra je takrat hotel čimprej spizdit. Mal preveč se to poveličuje imo.


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Weraziel reče pred 47 minutami:

Britanski mediji znajo delat pravi hype, samo še zmer bi CRja imenoval kot legendo Uniteda, sploh tisto eno leto ko je bil neustavljiv praktično

že za gol proti portsmouth prosti strel je največja legenda po beckhamu in nato so opcije (roy keane). prostistrelando če bo dal kakega dandanes? dvomim ker je fizika ga dobila in ni upogljiv, niti ne poskuša. bi pa lahko dominiral ob kotih. odličen podpis. danes pa tako 0-2 0-3 0-4 za united ne uide. not 1, not 2 ... nato titule mmm :mafija::mafija: cry me a ronaldo eeee

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Morski reče pred 6 urami:

Ne vem zakaj takšna fama okoli tega, da Ronaldo prihaja domov. Tip je svoja prime leta ponucal v Realu, ne v Manchestru.:lol: On je legenda Reala. Iz Manchestra je takrat hotel čimprej spizdit. Mal preveč se to poveličuje imo.


Caffrey reče pred 5 urami:



rage reče pred 4 urami:

Še jaz vem, da ima United prave legende, ne pa pizdune, ki so naredili "eno neustavljivo leto".


maksi reče pred 16 minutami:

Ne moreš ga imenovati kot legendo MUFC kluba, če ga večina pozna kot igralca Reala.



 United je sproduciral precej legend, glavni razlog zakaj je Ronaldo med njimi: preprosto je bil tok dober, da se znajde v skoraj vsaki "best of" postavi uniteda od večine bivših igralcev / analitikov. To ti pove vse in vsa ostala dejstva lahko prelagate levo, desno, na glavo, kamorkoli, nima veze.  Poleg tega si je v Unitedu ustvaril ime, takšnih prostih strelov in lahkotnosti v igri ni kazal niti v Realu, čeprav je bil tam nedvomno bolj izdelan goal machine 


 Poleg tega ni res, da je hotel čimprej spizdit. Ronaldo je rekel, da hoče Real, SAF je rekel naj mu da še eno leto in mu ga je dal - pravi moški dogovor, ki sta ga spoštovale obe strani. Če bi hotel čimprej spizdit, bi šel že tisto poletje. Ronaldo je 100% legenda obeh klubov, to bi se mogoče spremenilo edino v primeru, da bi ostal v Realu še dlje in se tam upokojil. 



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